The first step of any alternative therapy for cancer is to detoxify the body of accumulated toxins. In the course of searching for low cost simple home therapies for treatment of cancer, I have come across the ‘Tony Issac Oleander Protocol’ which comprise of a ‘Five Days Liver Cleanse’ at the beginning of the therapy. Though the regimen is given mainly for detoxification of the liver before applying Oleander Protocol, from the testimonials of the patients applying this regimen it has been observed that the regimen removes gallstones without operation. While this regimen is also given in detoxification section of this website, considering public health importance, it is reproduced here as a procedure for removal of Gallstone without costly & risky operation. Though it cannot be guaranteed, it is worth trying before going for actual removal of the gallbladder by operation which is a vital organ for digestion of food. It may be noted that the procedure has been already applied to a number of cancer patients for the purpose of detoxification in Assam and it is found safe without any complications so far.

After a ‘Five days regimen’ one should check-up with Ultra- sound about progress of the procedure and for removal of any left out stones the procedure should be repeated after a gap of one month.

Five days procedure for Gallbladder Stone removal without operation.

Ingredients required for the complete procedure:

Apple                                                       3 kgs.      : buy from local fruit vendor.

Epsom Salt( Magnesium Sulphate ),   50grams     : buy from local pharmacy,

Edible Olive Oil,                                     100 ml.     : buy from local grocery shop

Grapefruit (Not grapes)                                 : buy from local fruit vendor as reqd.

( or Robab Tenga/Orange/Mousambi)

Take low fat, no spice diet during day 1 to day 4 so that bile is accumulated.

    • It is best to have day 4 on a Saturday or at a time when you are staying at home.
    • Day 1: Drink 1 liter  of apple juice(preferably freshly prepared) during the day. Eat as normal otherwise.
    • Day 2: Drink another liter of apple juice. Eat normally other foods
    • Day 3: Drink a 3rd liter of apple juice. Eat normally
    • Day 4: Do not take any solid food after lunch.
    • 6pm – (There should be 6 hours gap between lunch & taking Epsom salt) Take one level TABLEspoon( 1 ½ TEAspoon)  of Epsom salt in a glass of water.
    • 8pm – Take another level TABLEspoon of Epsom salt in a glass of water. You may find that you already have to take a trip to the toilet before the 8pm Epsom salt.( 1 TABLEspoon = 3 TEAspoons)
    • 10pm – Mix one half glass(100ml) of olive oil and three quarter glass of freshly squeezed grape fruit juice by shaking it very well in a jar with a lid so that it mixes well and immediately get into bed after drinking the mixture. (one should lie on the right side with the right knee drawn up toward the chin for 30 minutes before going to sleep. This encourages the oil to drain from the stomach, helping contents of the gall bladder and/or liver to move into the small intestine.)You will probably make more than one trip to the toilet during the night as well as during the next day.
    • Day 5:
    • 6am: Take another level TABLEspoon of Epsom salt in a glass of water
    • 8am: Take one final level TABLEspoon of Epsom salt in a glass of water.
    • You will find that many gallstones from the liver will be passed and one will notice them in the toilet. They will vary in size from about pin head size to 10mm. Gallstones in the liver are a major cause of many health problems.

After 6th day of the procedure take an ultra-sound to find out how many gallstones have actually been removed. The above procedure can  be repeated every month until one finds that for two months in succession no more gallstones are passed.

Possible ‘dangers’( Note that the word dangers is within inverted comas).

Before I pass on this method to remove gallstones, I should point out that some doctors have warned of its “dangers”. They say that, if the gallstones are too big, they might end up being stuck in the gall bladder ducts and this could be dangerous. In theory, this might happen. So if you are afraid, don’t do it.

When you embark on natural remedies, whether to remove gallstones or for other purposes, you need to take responsibility for your own health and I shall not be held liable for any harm or danger that you might experience. At the same time, when you embark on natural cures, it helps also to understand the reasons behind some of the procedures.

In this case, part of the method to remove gallstones naturally involves drinking plenty of apple juice for three days. If the largest size of gallstone is more than 10 mm take apple juice for a longer period, say one week.  It is believed that some substance in the apple juice, probably malic acid, helps softens the gallstones so that the risks of them being stuck in the gall bladder ducts are minimised. In any case, if you lack the confidence, don’t do it.

Just be aware also that surgery and other medical procedures to remove gallstones un-naturally also come with their own set of risks. You decide which risks you wish to take.

However, if the largest  gallstone  measures  10mm  or less,  apparently there is no risk in this method.

The above procedure  also detoxify your liver of years of accumulated toxins due to taking oil & spices which would reduce load on your liver & improve its functioning for a good health. Therefore, the procedure may be adopted by anybody once in a year. I have done it myself once during September,11.

If you get positive result do not forget to report at e-mail: so that your experience can be shared by others.



  1. In the case of my wife I used LEMON instead of Grapefruit and it worked perfectly. No side effect this was in September 2012

    • The purpose of mixing Grapefruit juice with olive oil is to increase bile production so that bile can wash out the stones, etc. from the gall bladdar . Therefore, actually any citric fruit juice should work. By the way, whether the procedure could remove gallstones in case of your wife?

  2. Dear Doctor,

    I have did my ultra sound and I got 7mm 3 small gallstones. Doctor advised me to remove gall bladder but I don’t have pain at all. I was planning to do 5 days course. Incase if it is stuck in bile duct what should I do. Kindly advise. If gall stone is there can I go for pregnancy.

    Thanking you,


  3. Hi Dilip,
    The info you provided regarding stone removal from gall bladded is good. I want to try that, but I have a stone of size 1.5 CM (15 MM) is it ok to proceed with this natural theraphy. Please suggest.

    • The procedure is good for removing stone up to size of 10 mm. I do not know whether it will work for 15 mm. Also there is a risk of larger size stones getting stuck at bile duct. However, you may try the procedure after taking apple juice for a longer time, say for a month or so. The malic acid contained in apple softens the stone. Decision is yours. If you do not want to take the risk, don’t do it.

  4. Hi Mr. Dilip
    I have two galstones, one is about 10mm in the neck of balb bladder and other is about 12 mm in the galb bladder itself….. So will you sugest me what to do….. To try your method no?

  5. Hi Mr. Dilip
    my stone size is almost 25 mm and my age is 35 years,,,,,what u advice,,,,how many months i use juices for size reduction?,,,,,,is it painful while reduction in size?
    and also tell me best juice combination.

    • I do not recommend this procedure for removal of stones of larger than 10 mm. Apple juicing softens the stone so that it can pass through the bile duct easily. I do not know how much effective it is in reduction of size. However, if you continue to take fresh apple juice/apples every day it would soften the stone and you may not get any recurring pain. You may check any reduction of size through repeat sonography after every month.Please report your observations to me for my research.

  6. i am 57 years old and have multiple calculi gall bladder stone measuring 0.4- 0.8 cm . can i adopt your method . in these days there are no fresh apples in the market. can i use stored apples for juice. please suggest me.

    • Yes, you can use stored apple. If after following the procedure once all stones do not come out then you may repeat the procedure after a month.

  7. Hi Mr. Dilip
    I am 35 years old and have multiple calculi gall bladder stone measuring 0.4- 16 mm . I adopted your method in January 2013 after that I feel no pain. But now I feel some pain again. Can I adopted it again or go to surgery. please suggest me.

  8. Hello sir
    There are few calculi of 4-5 mm. in gall bladder of my mother (57 yrs.) & two tiny stones of 2-3 mm. in bile duct at distal end. Suggest me what to do .

  9. Dear Baltej Singh,

    You may repeat the procedure at a gap of one month. However, this time take apple juice for a longer time, say for a week or so, & then follow the remaining part of the procedure. Even after completion of the procedure if you continue to take at least two apples a day you may get rid of pain.


  10. Thank you Dr. Goswami for posting this article. It helped in aiding my grandfather’s gallstone removal.

    • Dear Jay,
      kindly elaborate your experience of applying the procedure and benefit obtained. This will help others to decide on application of the procedure.

  11. Dear Dr. Goswami,

    My grandfather followed the procedure as it is written on this article. The following day, gallstones started appearing. There are 28 stones so far and expecting more to come.

  12. Did any one had an ultrasound before the procedure to confirm they had gall stones and also after the procedure to confirm that the gall stones were expelled?

    I have multiple calculus in gall bladder., largest being 1.1 mm in size and I had observed 4 attacks of severe pain in upper abdomen and shoulder blade.. Should I try this procedure..? Please advise Dr. Dilip.

    • Did you anytime take any treatment without a disease ? Nobody will follow this procedure unless they are confirmed about existence of gallstone through ultrasound. Again nobody will give any testimonial without getting confirmed that stones got expelled..

      Since your largest stone is only 1.1 mm in size, you may safely try this procedure. Decision is yours.

  13. I have a gall bladder stone size of 8.3 mm. i am getting back pain between solders. what can i do? please suggest me.

  14. I have done my ultrasound of abdomen and pelvis. I am 62 yrs. Report is as follows. The liver normal size with two simple hepatic cyst of 1.1cm and 1.2cm noted in right lobe of liver in segment V. Gall bladder is well distended. Multiple tiny 3 – 4 mm size calculi noted in the lumen of gall bladder. The right kidney shows mild hydroephrosis with proximal hydroureter due to a 8 mm calculus in upper ureter. Advised cholelithiasis – sympotomatic Surgery evaluation and Ureterlithiasis Urology input given hydroureter, push po fluids.
    In short very impressed by your sight – will the five day procedure work for me and will it even help to flush the kidney stone 8mm too and the multiple tin 3 4 mm stones from the gall bladder comes out. Please advice and how many times I have to repeat the course. Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Maria,
      This procedure is for liver & gallbladder flush only. For kidney stone Homeopathic treatment is the best. You may follow the procedure once for liver & gallbladder stones and look at the result with a repeat ultrasound. If all the stones are not removed, then you should repeat the procedure after one month. May be repeated every month, if required.


  15. Dear Dilip,
    Thanks for the quick response. I am definitely going to start the five day procedure and hope all the stones passes off. I will do an ultrasound after a month and if there are still some stones left will continue the same after one month. Regarding the kidney stone will try Homeopathic. I will keep you informed after my next ultrasound.

    Thank you very much for all the advice.


  16. Dear Dilip:
    Recently I had ultrasound results and I have multiple gallstones with 1.1cm as the largest. Can I still go with the procedures7m thanks

  17. Hello sir,
    I am 27 years old and have two gall bladder stone
    measuring 5mm .i had observed 2 attacks of severe pain in midle of chest. Can i
    adopt your method . In these
    days there are no fresh apples in
    the market. Can i use stored
    apples for juice. I have also gestic problem does it work in that condition? please suggest

    • Since on the fourth day you will have to be on liquid diet after lunch until next morning, if you have gastric problem you may have gas formation after taking olive oil & citric juice mixture. Otherwise no other problem. It is your decision to apply or not to apply the procedure considering above.

  18. Hi Dilip,
    What are the symptoms of gall bladder stones.
    My husband is often complaining of indigestion with fever on and off.
    He has kideney stones.
    Should i try this for my husband, though we havent checked on gall bladder


    • Dear Vidya,
      First, check for existence of gall bladder stone through an ultrasound. Though gall stone symptom is accompanying pain, sometimes some patient do not suffer from pain. The 5 days procedure may be applied without having gall stone also as it detoxify the liver & gall bladder.


  19. Hello Sir,

    my mother is about 64 years age and she had pain in stomach from past few days and yesterday we got to know ,she has stones in her gallbladder and she is very much tensed regarding operation. I have read the more details of removing stones from gallbladder with out opertion from your webisite.

    Doctors have told us me and my brother, she has to be admitted to hospital tomorrow itself as she is having pain.

    could you please advice ,more about this. do I need to go for surgical treatment or follow procedure of removing without operation.

    Jyothi laksshmi C.A

    • Dear Jyothilaksshmi C.A,

      You may try the 5 days procedure before going for operation if the largest stone size is less than 10 mm. However, if there is acute pain seek medical help. Pain may also get relieved once apple juice is started. Some people get relieved from pain even taking 3-4 apples a day for few days. Then you may start the full procedure for removal of stones.

  20. Hello Sir,
    First of all let me thank you once again. I completed your 5 day course and was really shocked when I saw so many green gallstones which came out on the 5th day. I sent the stone for analysis by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR). The report shows positive that the sample is gallstones which weights:0.034gm and composition is Cholesterol 60% Bile 20% and Bile Pigment 20%. I will continue this 5 days procedure next month and then do my sonography of the abdomen and pelvis. I hope by then all the stones come out. Please advice how long should I continue this 5 day procedure.
    Maria P.

    • Dear Maria,
      Thanks for reporting the result of the first cleanse. You should continue the procedure every month until all gallstones are removed.


  22. Dear Sir,

    I want to do this procedure. My last ultrasound showed gall stones, the biggest one measuring around 7mm. I am on BP medication for last six-eight months and use Telvas 40mg & Aspirin 75mg. While doing the procedure, should I discontinue the medicines that I am eating.

    Kindly advise.

  23. Hello sir: my mother is 61 yr old & she is having multiple stone in gall bladder appx 10mm ; can we apply the 5 days course to remove the stones.

  24. Dear,
    Sir, my husband knew 10 days ago a stone approx 13 mm through
    Ultrasound.can we do this five days procedure.he
    has more pain in stomach.plz elaborate it may be a risk or not.

    • Generally, I do not recommend the procedure if the largest stone size is more than 10 mm. however, you may try it after taking apple juice continuously for at least 15 days.

  25. Sir,

    Plz tell me can I purchase reaymade apple juice
    from grocery otherwise handmade apple juice will works.

    thankyou sir

  26. Dear sir
    I am an indian,I am having gall blader stone of size 7mm , can this be removed without surgery, are there doctors who recomend this in Chennai /India.

    • Yes, that can be removed without operation following the simple procedure given in my website. Allopathic doctors will not recommend this as they do not know this procedure. This is a home treatment only, no doctor’s help is required. You may scroll down & read comment of Maria P.

  27. In my Son, currently aged 9, Gall stone of 14 mm was detected about 2 years back (when he was 7 years old). We put him through an ayurvedic treatment and the stone size was reduced to 4 mm. subsequesntly as we couldnot continue the treatment since we left the area, the stone grew to 10 mm. We are currently trying ayurvedic again through another doctor in our area.

    Please let me know if he can take the 5 day procedure at this age and what additional care we need to take?

    • If Ayurvedic treatment could reduce the size of stone to 4mm, continue the ayurvedic treatment again and follow the 5 day procedure once the stone size reduces to at least 5mm.

  28. Hello Sir,
    First of all let me thank you once again
    your treatment grapefruit and olive oil my sister take that in empty stomach in night
    and she find morning more stone become from stomach
    thanks lot

  29. hello sir
    how can i removed my galblader stones which is 21mm..there is only one stone..i dont want to get surgery..m only 27 years and single..please suggest
    some treatment so that i can remove my ston..please help..

    • I do not recommend this procedure when the stone size is more than 10 mm. In one of trailing comments from Kenneth Rodrigues it is understood that Ayurvedic treatment may reduce the size of the stone. If you can reduce the stone size to below 10 mm, then follow this procedure immediately to remove without operation.

  30. Thanks for the info, however i would like to know if there are any other way to reduce the size of stone so that after it i may follow the procedure you have stated over here.

    I am in touch with my doctor and as per them it can be pull out with some medicines but i am not sure if that is the only way i can follow or something which you can prescribe me here to find out the solutions and get this rectify.

    I would really thankful to you for your instant reply.


    • Along with apples, you may also take one tablet of Ursocol 300 at bed time which may help in reduction of size. Ursocol 300 is an allopathic medicine for buying which you would need a prescription from a doctor.

  31. Please advise to me i have 4 mm gall stone at peasant I start homeopathy treatment and dr assure to us stone will be remove from gall balder. will in Continue homeopath medicine.



    • Your purpose is to remove the stones without operation. If your Homeopath doctor has assured to remove with medicine continue that. If Homeopath fails, then you may easily try my procedure.

  32. Hello Sir,

    I am 72 years old and had my sonography done where in states that i have multiple 2mm calculi stones. I just wanted to whether my age is suitable for the above procedure as mentioned. Thanks for your advise.

    • Since your stone sizes are only 2 mm you may easily apply this procedure. There is no age restriction for applying this procedure by any adult.

  33. Hello,sir
    I had seen a homeopathic medicine named ‘berbaris vulgaris’
    .it is in liquid form,it will take 10 to 15 drops thrice a day.can my husband
    (who have13 mm stone in gallbladder) take this medicine with apple juice for 15 days or not. And sir plz suggest me how can he take apple juice in
    morning or night,empty stomach or after normally food.

    Thankyou sir

  34. Homeopathic medicine can be taken with apple juice without any problem. Apple is a food only. Do not take any fruit after food, it should be taken always on empty stomach, i.e. at least half an hour before food. Also do not take any fruit during night. Take only fresh apple juice prepared at home.

  35. Hello Sir,

    My mother is about 40 years old , she had a pain in stomach and back shoulder from past few days and through ultrasound we came to know that she has a stone in her gallbladder of size 4mm and also she is suffering from gas formation and menopause problem so will u please suggest us whether to follow this procedure or not.. and also tell me if we takes more than one litre of apple juice per day will cause any problem?
    Thanks in advance..

    • If she has gas formation problem, on 4th day after taking olive oil & citric juice mixture she may have severe gas formation. In such a condition it is better not to follow the procedure. However, if she still want to follow, she may try with half dose of the mixture on the 4th day and if everything goes well on the next day may try with full dose.

  36. I have a single gallstone of 6mm without any symptoms .i am also trying to plan a family so please advise if this procedure is safe during planning and what are side effects if any especially of Epsom salt

    • Yes, safe & no side effect. However, if you have problem of gas formation you may have gas problem after taking olive oil+citric mixture on the 4th day.

  37. Please also advise shall I have apple juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning or can have anytime and do I have to drink 1litre in one go or can take in intervals and what should be the gap in drinking juice and meals .Thanks

  38. Thanks for your reply sir, your suggesting to take half dose of the mixture so can u elaborate me the mixture? should i take 50ml of olive oil with three quarter glass of juice or how it is?

  39. Can I take saredon for headache while I am doing this cleansing with Apple juice . Can this cleansing be done during the monthly cycle . If one feels gastric after taking olive oil can I have Ocid or any other medicine to ease out the problem

  40. I don’t think Seredon would affect the procedure.
    What is the urgency in doing the cleansing during monthly cycle? Better don’t do.
    Yes, you can take any antacid if you face severe gas problem.

  41. There was a light pain in the right side of my abdomen and consulted to the Doctor then I did ultrasound then I got the result that I have multiple calculi in gallbladder. Now, the Doctor told me that you should undergo for removal of gall bladder for your pain.

    • If the largest stone size is less than 10 mm, you may try the procedure at least once before operation.

  42. Hi,
    Having read your article and a few others on the internet the cleansing process is a recommended way of getting rid of gallstones.
    My mother has been recently diagnosed with one gallstone; with a size of 13 mm. Also, I have read above that if the stone is above 10 mm this procedure is not recommended. Is there any other way to address this scenario other than opting for a surgery to remove the gallbladder?

    • If you can get the stone size reduced below 10 mm by some other treatment( Ayurbedic, Homeopathic or alopathic ) then you can follow this procedure. Also she may take apple juice continuously for 15 days along with one ursocol-300 tablet every night before going to bed which may reduce stone size.However, ursocol-300 need to be prescribed by an allopathic doctor.

  43. Dear Doctor,

    You have mentioned that you would not recommend this procedure if the size of the stone is more than 1cm. I have a stone of 1.2 cm. you had mentioned that if the stone gets stuck in the duct it can be dangerous. Can you pl explain in such a situation what happens and how to handle the situation if it happens. Can you please explain. Thank you, Mahadevan.V.

  44. Hello,
    My mother has been diagnosed with 3 gall bladder stones (average 7mm each as per the ultrasound report). She is diabetic with sugar level of minimum 110 up to 230 & BP [110-190]. She is taking ‘Glucophage’ for sugar and ‘Amtas’ for blood pressure.
    Doctors advised her to go for a quick laser surgery. We are seeking second advise whether it can be treated in natural way. I just came across this beneficial information. Would you please advise, if she can go for this natural treatment?
    Awaiting your kind advise.

  45. On the day 4 when I have to take Epsom salt n no solid food after lunch ……if I take Epsom salt at 7 when should I have soup or milk …..I will be taking Epsom salt today n had my lunch at 1.30pm ….tea at 5

  46. Sir, I m 28 year old & I found the 11mm stone in my gallbladder in my ultrasound report.can I do this process?

    • Since your stone size is slightly larger than 10 mm, you may try the procedure after taking apple juice for longer time( say for a week). Also you may take one Ursocol-300 tablet at bed time with prescription from a doctor.

  47. When can I have normal food after taking last dose of Epsom salt ……when I took 6pm dose n 8pm dose of it I had 2-3motions but after taking olive oil I dint and even in the morning not ….please advise is it ok

  48. I did the procedure but the stones are still there but I did see green stone like things floating in the flush . I had a single stone of 6mm but after procedure ultrasound shows 8mm. I think what we see green stone like things floating is actually olive oil mixed with our bile taking shape of lumps and we think they are stones .i am very disappointed as now again I have to reschedule my surgery which I postponed because I thought home remedies would help

  49. Dear Sir,

    During my recent health check up , been diagnosed with contracted gall bladder with 13mm stone. Please advice how I can reduce it and till how much time so that can adopt your procedure after reducing 10mm

    • Normally I do not recommend this procedure when the stone size is larger than 10 mm. However, you may try the procedure after taking apple juice for longer time( say for 10 days) instead of 4 days given in the procedure. Also you may take one Ursocol-300 tablet at bed time with prescription from a doctor.

  50. Hello Sir,

    My Grand mother is 84 years old and it was found in diagnosis that there is one 18mm stone in Gallblader, she is not fit (mentally and physically) to remove this stone through operation, please suggest me the best option of treatment without operation.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    • It is not advisable to do the procedure when the stone size is 18 mm. If he is not fit for operation, mentally & otherwise, he should take 2-3 apples a day which would relieve from pain. Also he may take one Ursocol-300 tablet at bed time with prescription from a registered medical professional.

  51. Dear Sir,
    Generally, doctors are advising that Diabetic patients not to take apple and other fruits. I am aged 65 and I am a diabetic and BP Patient and is under medication for the past 8 years. In this context can I have this apple juice therapy inspite of being Diabetic patient. No where this diabetic concept has been discussed. Kindly advise me in this regard.

  52. Helo sir I had 3to 4 mm .multiple caliculi in galstone
    docters told it is called cholesterol crystal I plan to take 5
    days apple treatment kindly advise me we confirmly we get
    the result after 5 days courses .
    thanking u sir

    • You may get result after 5 days. See the comments of Maria P. at page 5 of this list of comments for confidence.

    • These are only foods having no side effect. Still you may take advice from your doctor regarding any effect of these foods during pregnancy. Otherwise, there is no restrictions.

  53. Hi doc,
    My ultrasound result shows I have gallstones sized 1 cm. But I have symptoms of pancreatitis. Can I still take the 5 day test? Is it still safe?

    • Ask your doctor about any adverse effect of the ingredients of the 5 days procedure on pancreatitis before applying.

  54. Helo sir my sister had (4 mm which is large).small multiple caliculi in galstone docters told will remove the stone through sugery. She having the 8 month old babu.please please suggest me the best option of treatment without operation.
    thanking u sir

  55. what is grapefruit called in hindi and where is it available ?
    my daughter whose age is 14 yrs has got multiple stones in her gall bladder,largest measuring 0.28cms and rest are subcentimeter sized.Do you advise to go for this olive oil treatment as we do not want to go for surgery at this age?
    I hope this does not have any side effect.

    • Grapefruit is a hybrid of orange & shaddock. Inside of the fruit is orange & looks like a large orange of the size of a Mausambi. If you do not find Grapefruit, can take Mausambi also. You may try the procedure once before operation. No harm.

  56. Hello sir, my mom, 61yrs old, found Gall stones. She is already suffering from Artheritis, ulcer, joint pains, obesity and related ageing problems like tiredness and weakness. Also uterus bag removed long bag and cosmetic surgery to remove fats was done when she was around 45.

    Regarding gall stones, doctors recommended us to go for Laparoscopic surgery, but she is already being with lot of problems and with uterus bag already removed, she is finding it terrible to go for one more surgery.

    I don’t know about her stones size since doctors(in 2 hospitals) haven’t said anything about the size or the numbers of stones, hopefully it’s mentioned in the record. If stones are below 10mm, can she go for it?

    • I checked mom’s report and this is what mentioned ”Gall bladder shows multiple calculus largest measuring 9mm’. And regarding Spleen, it’s mentioned as ‘Spleen appears enlarged and measures 11.7cm’.
      1.May I know if Calculus is what gall stones are? and if so, they given the largest stone size and mentioned as multiple calculus though they didn’t give the exact numbers. does it matters?
      2.What is Spleen? should I care about it?

      • Yes, if the largest stone size is less than 10 mm she can go for applying this procedure. Please report in this page after the procedure.

        • Hello Sir, thanks much for replying. Was keep refreshing these hours :)

          Well, I’ll definitely report here after this 5 days treatment. But I have some doubts on it, would require your help to understand it clearly.

          1.Does she have to drink 1 litre of apple on empty stomach before breakfast?
          2.Does she have to drink 1 litre of apple at one go or she can just drink then and now till afternoon between?
          3.Should the apple juice be mixed with water or milk?
          4.Regarding TABLEspoon, at one point you have mentioned as 1TABLEspoon=1.5TEAspoon and in other place, you have mentioned as 1TABLEspoon=3TEAspoons. Could you clarify this? I know this maybe a dumb question, but just wanted to ensure that procedure is followed perfectly.
          5.Regarding grapefruit mixture, should the mixture be like 100ml olive oil and 300ml grape fruit?
          6.After 5th day 8am epsom salt, can she take normal food after that and be normal? or does she have to follow any procedure?

          I’ll be awaiting your reply and so that she can start the procedure from tomorrow.


  57. Hi, I thought you are going to reply to my questions as you are the one who knows better about it. But anyway, off late, I’m finding that doctors’ in general are not interested in answering the queries even when after paying them consulting fees only to consult. And in such a scenario, we should thank you for already answering some of our questions free of cost.

  58. Dear Karthic,
    Let me react to your anguish first. Basically I am not a doctor. That is why your general opinion about doctors does not apply to me. Notwithstanding, delay of replying your queries by two days does not warrant such expression, more so when I am doing only social service. Anyway, reply to your point-wise queries are as below:

    1) She has to drink juice from 1 kg of apple any time before noon.
    2) She may drink in several times during the above period.
    3) Need not mix with anything.
    4) 1 Tablespoon is equal to 3 teaspoons. This could have been got clarified in google conversion.
    5) Mix 100 ml of edible Olive Oil with 150 ml of grapefruit juice( not grape juice).
    6) After taking Epsom salt at 8 am she can take normal food.
    Normally, people even do not care to report to the ‘doctor’ about result of the treatment once recovered. I hope you would not do that as you expect similar prompt action from the ‘doctor’..


    • Hello Sir, thanks much for detailed answers. Today is 4th day and will give 1.5teaspoons of epsom salt with water to my mom in 10mins. I’ll report the reactions here. Doubt on tablespoon quantity was because of the following lines in this blog:

      6pm – (There should be 6 hours gap between lunch & taking Epsom salt) Take one level TABLEspoon( 1 ½ TEAspoon) of Epsom salt in a glass of water.
      8pm – Take another level TABLEspoon of Epsom salt in a glass of water. You may find that you already have to take a trip to the toilet before the 8pm Epsom salt.( 1 TABLEspoon = 3 TEAspoons)

      At 6pm, it’s mentioned as 1.5teaspoons and for 8pm, mentioned as 3teaspoons. I’m still confused abt the exact quantity though.

  59. We are done with 4th day today.

    First 3 days, as suggested by you, she had 1 litre of apple juice every day. Today(4th day), done her lunch @ 12 and at 6pm, gave her epsom salt(1.5teaspoons) mixed with water and again @ 8pm, gave her epsom salt(2.25teaspoons) mixed with water. At 10pm, she had a mossumbi juice in the mixture of 150ml mossaumbi juice and 100ml of edible oil.

    I’ll report again tomorrow, highly hopeful about getting the stones out in this method :)

    Note: Between 6 to 10pm, she went to loo about 5-6 times.

  60. Hello Dr,
    I delivered my baby 5 months before, recently I had severe upper abdominal pain which was all over my back. When we took blood test and ultra sound, the result was ” gall blader: adequately distended. Mild wall thickened 6mm. Multiple calculi within the GB largest measuring 12.4mm. ” ” CBD dilated 9.5mm with 7mm distal CBD calculus”
    my bilirubin level is 3.7 mg/dl. I have jaundice. Plz suggest me what shall I do? I dont want to get operated.

    • If you have already developed jaundice, it indicates that stone is blocking the bile duct. In such a situation, since the stone size is more than 10 mm operation is the only remedy.

  61. Sir I’m 41years old. I have stone in my gallbladder size is 13mm. I take BP tablet can I use this 5 days method if not so what is the best for me without surgery. Please reply soon. Thanks. From. Waqar irshad

    • Since your stone size is more than 10 mm, I do not recommend you this procedure. However, if you have pain, you may take 3=-4 apples a day & also one Ursocol-300 tablet at bedtime to get relief. Ursocol-300 is an alopathy medicine & you need a doctor’s prescription.

  62. Hi, Mom’s done with 5 days treatment and with ultrasound test too. She followed, with my help, everything as in your procedure. Her stone size was 9mm and mentioned as in Gall bladder. Now after this treatment, ultrasound report says, her stone size is 16mm and is in Fundus. Could you please explain how this would have happened and is Fundus is what you call as bile duct?

    We are considering about surgery now as the size of stone is large now.


    • Dear Karthic,

      It is impossible to increase the stone size due to this procedure. It might so happened before the procedure. The procedure I recommend only when stone size is less than 10 mm. Fundus is the bottom or base of anything. In medicine, it is a general term for the inner lining of a hollow organ. It is not the bile duct.

      Thanks for reporting,

  63. Sir,
    I am having gallstone of 14mm. Earlier it was 17 mm but I regularly eat 1 or 2 apples. What is your suggestion for its removal. Can I try the olive oil procedure.


    • Take juice from one kg of apples per day for at least 15 days. Also take one ursocol-300 tablet at bedtime with prescription from a doctor. Once the stone size reduced below 10 mm. you can safely follow this 5 days procedure & report result.

      • Sir,
        I just forgot to mention that my stone is at gallbladder neck, whether this is risky. Kindly share your opinion.


  64. I have done a natural procedure which I got from internet-but this procedure diffrent from your’s was 4 days procedure-beet,pear and apple juice with olive oil have to take 5times a day. But I dont know it was right or not. My stone size is 1.7,1.6,1.2,1.1 cm and more. Today after reading your remedy-I am afraid-what have done in my internal-if stones was stuck in bile duck or not? can you please tell if stone stuck in bile duck-what will be happen and how I can understand??

    • If stone is stuck in the bile duct you may develop Jaundice which can be cure only with operation. I do not advise to apply this procedure when the stone size is more than 1.0 cm.

  65. Dear

    My grand mother taken 10 days apple juice in routine basis now I checked ultrasound after 10 days

    Latest report was.. it shown it is partially distended, shows multiple small calculi within lumen walls are not thickened no pericholecystic collection seen is it

    Previous report was—–it is contracted multiple echogenic foci with posture acoustic shadows are seen . no pericholecystic collection seen. no calculus is seen in visualised part of CBD

    I want to confirm that is any difference seen in report

  66. Hi Doctor Dilip Goswami,
    My wife 25 yrs old has a big 25 mm gall bladder stone. She wants to know whether only apple juice can remove the gall bladder stone if takes daily in good amount.
    Thanking you,

  67. sir , can i eat the one kg of apple normally and drink water. without preparing juice . because i feel vomiting while drinking apple juice ,
    thanking you

    • Yes, whole apple will also serve the purpose. Perhaps you are not squeezing out the juice and taking along with the pulp.

  68. my friend having the problem of gb stones, the report in scan is Liver is normal in size and shows diffuse increase in echoes But in Gall bladder is adequately distended. A calculus of size 10 x 6 mm seen in the gall bladder. wall thickness is normal, the impression is Hepatic steatosis and Cholelithiasis.. What to do? doctor gave tablets for 3 days to get relief from pain of abdomen and shoulder. but he advised to have Laproscopic treatment. The 5 days course is applicable for my friend? could u please give us suggestion?

  69. Repected Sir,

    My mother (age-42) got Ultrasound report on 27-02-2014, report shown 14.5mm stone in nec of Gall Bladder, in our family no body agreed to go for surgery & its pain really huge. so can I use apple juice for 15 days & 1- Ursocol-300 daily at badtime for same period.
    if yes please let me know, should we go for pain killer in this time period OR Ursocol is also a pain killer ?

    Can we Desolved the Stone using Ursocol-300, for more than 15-20 days with apple juice or epsom salt.

    Your Earlier response will be highly apprciated.

    Best Regards

    • Apple juice & Ursocol-300 do similar works, i.e. softens the stone. They cannot dissolve. If you do not want to go for surgery you may try this procedure once. No harm visualised.

  70. Gall Bladder: seen in distended state. 4 mm calculus seen in the gall bladder causing mild posterior acoustic shadowing. Collaterals crystals are seen along the wall of the gall bladder.
    CBD: measures 3mm

    • Dear Bikash & Karon,
      I do not want to repeat my advices again & again to all patients. From my replies to others at various situations, I advise you all to take your own decision.

  71. hi, i have been diagnosed with 1.1cm stone in my gallbladder. i am 27 yr old, 5.6 ft tall and weight 84 kg…..will this remedy be effective for me..i don’t want to do operation. please advise me….also i am in medication refer by my doctor….need your help…

  72. hi
    i am 26 yr old with 1.13cm gallstone. will this be effective for me?????i want to avoid operation…..please help………..


    • There should not be any problem with stones upto 10 mm or even little bigger. If you have any apprehensions prolong the period of taking apple juice & then apply the 4th day & 5th day steps.

  74. Dear Dilip Kr. Goswami,

    I am 26 years old man . I have done ultrasound in March 2014.In the report it was written that “Gallbladder shows a clump of multiple echogenic foci with distal acoustics. CBD (2.9 mm) & PV (12.1 mm) are normal.”

    May I apply the 5 days’ procedure as suggest by you.Please help me .
    Your urgent response will be highly appreciated.

    • Yes, you may follow this procedure. However, better to continue with apple juice for a week before starting day 4 & day 5 steps.

  75. Hi Mr. Dilip
    I am 40 years old and have gastric problem & calculi gall bladder stone measuring 6 mm and 4-5 small stone in January 2013 gastric & ulcer problem. I know gall bladder problem in November 2013. I feel pain. . Can I adopted it go to surgery. please suggest me.

    • Since you have gastric & ulcer problem I do not recommend you to follow this procedure as on the 4th day evening you may have severe gas problem. But, in order to reduce your pain you may continue to take 2-3 apples a day. For your information, a poor daily waged laborer is living a normal life since last one year by taking only 2-3 rejected apples a day before which he even could not walk erect due to severe pain.

  76. Hi Dilip,
    My mom is 51 year old and have diagnosed a gallbladder stone of 4mm in its lumen. The walls is mildly thickened 3mm. Partially contracted in size. No evidence of pericholecystic.

    Please advice should i go for gall bladder flush or surgery.

    • Dear Rohit,
      Since stones are already in the bile duct, you may try with this procedure to flush them out. However, follow the advice already given to Sujatha as above.

  77. Sir,
    I would also like to add she is having rare but yes nausea feelings and pain also.
    Please advice as i don’t know what should be done as if the bile duct is already blocked and is creating infection due to the blockage will adding more bile to it help or exaturate the problem

  78. My fatherin law had this problem. Already doctors do in Tube method. But operation not success. Because of 2 stones in pipe of gallbladder.
    Doctors suggested to open surgery. But he had a heart patient. So doctors not assurance to surgery. Please advice to this situation.
    My father in law age is 78 years.
    please advice

    • Since 2 stones are already in the bile duct, take apple juice for at least a week continuously & then go for 4th & 5th day procedure. Take normal food during the week, however, with low fat, no oil, no spice diet until the procedure is over.

  79. Dear Doctor,

    Excellent article for gallstone, can you please clarify
    “during this 5 days treatement, to take apple juice along with nornal diet (Breakfast / lunch / dinner ) or to drink only apple juice”


    • During the initial 3 days take normal food except it should be low fat, less oil diet with low spices.

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