Vitamin B17 Therapy

In the year 1950, Dr. Ernst, T. Krebs Sr. and his son Dr. E.T. Kerbs Jr. found through their research that the root cause of cancer is absence of a particular nutrient substance in the food of modern people. The Hunzakuts, the tribals who live in the Hunza Valley of North Pakistan never suffer from cancer. It was found from investigation that, in an average, the Hunzakut  takes  100-200 times more Vitamin B17 per day contained in their food compared to that of American people. It is because of their food habit of eating Apricot Seed Kernel. Interestingly, due to lack of communication of Hunza  Valley with rest of the world there is no currency system and wealth of a person is measured only on the basis of ownership of number of Apricot trees. Robert Mccarrison, an eminent orthopedic of Britain, was the chief of one of the initial teams of physicians who went for studying on the Hunzakuts. He wrote in the journal of American Medical association (AMA) on 7th January/ 1992– “The Hunza has no known incidence of Cancer. They have an abundant crop of apricots. These they dry in sun and use largely in their food.”

Selective Toxicity of B17.

Now the question arises why about such an easily available natural product like B17 is not widely publicised? It is because of the propaganda by the associations like FDA that Vitamin B17 contains poisonous Cyanide. But the fact is that, each vitamin B17 molecule constitutes with one hydrogen Cyanide, one benzaldehyde and two glucose atoms in a compound form. It is known to all who know the chemistry of compounds that the individual constituents of a compound do not have their own properties so long they are in compound form. Simple example is common salt which is chemically a compound of Sodium and Chlorine. Though Sodium is one of the most toxic elements, when it combines with Chlorine it becomes common salt  without having the toxicity of Sodium. Similar is the case with the Cyanide present in vitamin B17.

In order to do any harm by this hydrogen cyanide, it must first get separated from Vitamin B17 which is possible only in presence of the enzyme Betaglucosidase. Betaglucosidase is present in healthy cells in negligible amount. But it is present in cancer cells abundantly. Therefore, the hydrogen cyanide molecule  gets separated from Vitamin B17 only inside the cancer cells and thereby destroys the cancer cells. At the same time benzaldehyde also gets separated and the combined presence of these two becomes 100 times more poisonous for the cancer cells compared to their individual existence. Result is eminent death of the cancer cells. At the same time, another enzyme Rhodanese, which is abundantly present in non-cancerous living cells, completely separate out Cyanide and Benzaldehyde transforming  into Silicate which helps in getting relief from pain like Aspirin.

It is worth mentioning that since cancer cells do not contain Rhodanese, hence Cyanide and Benzaldehyde working as  selective toxicity kill only the cancer cells. After hundreds of experiments performed by many  experts including Dr. Ernesto Contreras at Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico it is ultimately concluded that Vitamin B17 does not harm  the living cells.

Vitamin B17  is a co-enzyme and this therapy is based, in part, on the trophoblast theory of cancer? The trophoblast theory focuses on the importance of pancreatic enzymes (trypsin, chymotrypsin, and amylase) to digest the protective coating around cancer cells. Here’s the connection

between this theory and vitamin B17: In the presence of certain inhibitors in our blood, trypsin is inactivated and must be acted upon by hydrogen cyanide to become active again. On this basis, vitamin B17 acts as a co-enzyme to trypsin, since it provides hydrogen cyanide, a harmless molecule, which reactivates the trypsin which is necessary to digest the protective coating of cancer cells.

Though it has limitations in certain cancers, vitamin B17 may be extremely effective in the most  common tumours such as carcinoma of the lung, breast, prostate, colon, and lymphomas. A highly publicised clinical trial conducted by the National Cancer Institute in 1981 tried unsuccessfully to prove Laetrile ineffective and toxic. Today, Laetrile occupies a position on the “front lines” of alternative cancer therapy. “We have found Laetrile to be effective in people that have active cancer”, says Dr. Contreras“but that is not its only function, for the prevention of cancer and the maintenance of remission there is nothing as effective as Laetrile. Its non-toxicity permits its use indefinitely in the prevention of relapses and the prevention of metastases. Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy can only be administered for a limited time, afterward patients are left without any protection”. The guide mentioned below will teach you how to begin and continue B17 metabolic therapy at the comfort of your own home.

Vitamin B17  Protocol.(extremely effective in the most  common tumors such as carcinoma of the lung, breast, prostate, colon, and lymphomas at stage-III).


Disclaimer : The following is not a prescription to any patient but sharing of information only. As per request of readers of my articles published in Assamese Daily “Amar Asom” and also their compilation under the caption “CANCEROR  ANSWER”, I am only sharing information obtained from the internet and information obtained from cancer patients who are following these treatment protocols of their own at home. I am sharing them with you not to suggest that you will have the same experiences but because you have a right to make your own evaluation. Similar to my right to freedom -of- speech, you have also right to freedom-of information and choice. Decision is yours.

Type ” The Ultimate Guide for Vitamin B17 Metabolic Therapy” in google or find from website & download free. Read thoroughly before starting the therapy.

Alternative –I ( For those who can afford.)

First 20 days.

1)  Take 2 x 500gm B17 tablets twice a day after meal  and if  there is stomach upset  take one    tablet every 4 hourly with a total of 4 tab. daily or to push slowly 3gms( 10 C.C.) intravenously once a day directly into a vein with a 21 gauge 1 1/2 inch needle every day at the same time. If the digestive system of the patient is working satisfactorily, take B17 orally.

2 ) Take  B15, one capsule twice daily at the end of meal.

3 ) Take Celin 400, one tab. twice daily with food..

4 ) Take Evion 400, one tab twice daily with food.

5 ) Take Mulmin ( Multivitamin)  4 tsf once daily with meal.

6 ) Take  Megazyme Forte (Pancreatic Enzyme) , 2tab. twice daily 2 hrs. after meal

7 ) Preven-ca capsules, one cap. with lunch & dinner.

8 ) Vitamin A&E emulsion drops, 3 drops in juice or water three times a day.

9 ) Just Barley Green Juice , one tsf in juice twice a day.

10) AHCC, one capsule, 3 times a day with meal.

11) Shark Cartilage, 2 capsules, 3 times a day with meal.

Buy the following items for the complete course of the therapy.

Item                                                      Quantity                Source            Price

1) Vitamin B17 , 500 mg tablets   100 nos.x 4   $336.00                                                                                                  =  Rs.15,500.00

or  I.V. ample of 3gms(10cc),       20 nos     

Along with 500mg tablets          100 nosx3

2) Vitamin B15, 100mg capsules  =100 nos.x3   Vitamin Service Ltd.      P 60.66

( Pangmamic Acid)                                                           =  Rs. 4,500.00

3) Preven-Ca Capsules          60 cap x 4      Vitamin Service Ltd.      P84.04                                                                                       = Rs. 6,500.00

4) Vitamin A & E Emulsion     60 c.c. x 4        Vitamin Service Ltd.    P139.48                                                                                                   = Rs10,500.00.

5) Just Barley Green Juice     13 gms x 4    Vitamin Service Ltd.     P  77.76                                                                                                   = Rs.  6,000.00

6) AHCC                            60 cap x 4           Vitamin Service Ltd.      P280.00

( Active Hexose Correlated Compound)                        = Rs.21,000.00

7) Megazyme Forte +             100 nos.x 5        Vitamin Service Ltd.      P107.50

( Enteric Coated tablets)                                                    = Rs.  8,000.00

8) Shark Cartilage 750 mg.    200 capx 3      Vitamin Service Ltd.    P142.23                                                                                               = Rs.1 0,500.00

9) Celin 400 tablets or equivalent         as required             Local Pharmacy

10)Evion 400 capsules or equivalent    as required         Local Pharmacy

11)Mulmin ( Multivitamin)                   as required            Local Pharmacy

or equivalent

TOTAL                                                                                  =     Rs. 82,500.00

Items from & Vitamin Service Ltd.( ) will have to be bought through credit card and medicines will be delivered at home by courier. Other suppliers may not be reliable.  Celin, Evion & Mulmin are available locally in pharmacy.

The total cost of the imported items for complete course of the treatment for four months is estimated at  around Rs. 90,000/- including currier charge.

Alternative-II.( For lower income group)

Buy only Vitamin B17, Vitamin B15 and Vitamin A & E emulsion as above and replace other supplements from local pharmacy with serial 3-7 below:

1) Take 2 x 500gm B17 tablets twice a day after meal  and if  there is stomach upset  take one tablet every 4  hourly with a total of 4 tab. daily or to push slowly 3gms( 10 C.C.) intravenously once a day directly into a vein with a 21 gauge 1 1/2 inch needle.

2) Take B15 one capsule twice daily at the end of meal.

3) Take Lutivit Tablet or equivalent, one tab twice daily after meal.

4) Take Celin 400 or equivalent, one tab. twice daily with food.

5) Take Festal N (Pancreatic Enzyme) or equivalent, 2tab. twice daily 2 hrs. after meal.

6) Take Evion 400 or equivalent,  one tab twice daily with food.

7) Take Mulmin ( Multivitamin) or equivalent,  4 tsf once daily with meal.

8) Take Zevit/Zincovite Caps or equivalent, one capsule a day.

9) Take  Vitamin A&E emulsion drops, 3 drops in juice or water three times a day

Total cost of the treatment with the Alternative-II is estimated at around Rs. 40,000/- for 110 days.

After 20 days for next 3 months( Applicable to both alternatives)

1) Take Viatamin B17x500mg : one tab, 3 times a day after meal.

2) Take Vitamin A & E emulsion : 6 drops in juice or water two times per day.

Rest of the medicines are to be taken as in first 20 days.

Quantities required for 110 days ( full course of the treatment) may be procured together. Medicines may also be procured in  part but remember that it takes at least 7-15 days to receive from abroad and also currier cost would be reduced if bought  together.

Note :

1)  There is no substance yet known that can cause an adverse reaction with B17. Remember, B17 is not a  drug but a vitamin or food supplement. Pain is likely to be  relieved once B17 & B15 are started. One can take any pain killer or sedative along with Vitamin B17 & B15 including Morphine . If prescribed, Morphine dose may be gradually reduced with progress of B17 therapy.

2)  Dosages of B17 & other supplements are reduced compared to the Guide mentioned above considering average body weight of Indians and also considering  experience of patients treated so far in Assam with this therapy.

3)   It is always better to undergo any treatment under supervision of a qualified medical practitioner.

4)   Vitamin B17 Metabolic Therapy is said to be affective in all type of cancer and at all stages. However, initially the tumor may swell up to 50% with this therapy and therefore the therapy should be selectively applied.

5)    Cancer patient should not take milk or milk product  ( Lactic acid is harmful) , white sugar & salt. Be guided by the summary of the above guide at page 35.   But can take Soya milk.

6)    Take pure water, fresh fruits and organic vegetables as much as possible  . Do not take canned or packed juice, etc. as these contain preservatives, pesticides, etc.

7)    For some patients in whom gastric acidity is deficient, side reactions of weakness or headache following oral administration may be avoided by taking citrus juice or grape juice or medicines like betadine hydrochloride to prevent these unpleasant reactions.

8)    Vitamin B17 therapy works better on virgin patients where Radiation, Operation Or Chemotherapy is not applied. However, it can also be used simultaneously with these treatments without any harmful effect.

9)    Do not hesitate to consult your doctor about the alternative therapy you are using and seek his advice in case of any difficulty.

10)   Most of the patients experience low blood pressure between 1-3 weeks of starting the treatment. Monitor the BP every day & record. If you are already in High BP medicine, reduce the dose if BP reduces below 110/70, stop B17 if BP reduces below 90/60 and administer glucoseless saline to increase the BP in consultation with a medical practitioner. Restart B17 once BP normalizes.

11) A daily diary to be maintained with patient’s history and daily responses of the patient like, pain, BP, weight (may be in interval of 3/4 days), development of other symptoms, benefits observed, etc. for analysis & future record.

General Note :


The diet requires the elimination of

1. any sugar not naturally present in food

2. All meat

3. hydrogenated and animal fats

4. almost all alcohol (except the champagne)

5. all caffeine ( except the occasional cup of black or green tea before noon).

6. white flour and other denatured grains

7. preservatives, chemicals and processed foods.

8. fried food.

Daily exposure to sunlight is important. ‘Pranayanam’ for half an hour daily is beneficial particularly for lung cancer patients. Foods should be fresh, preferably organic and eaten raw where possible or very lightly cooked. Cook fresh every day – no re-heating!

1) A cancer patient should absolutely avoid soda pops, highly processed foods ( sugar , white flour) coffee, etc., especially highly acidic foods.

2) A cancer patient should avoid Milk & Milk products, except for preparation of Budwig Diet,

but can take Soya Milk which is good for cancer patient.

Note : Maintain a  diary recording conditions of patient before start of the therapy including pathological results and record body weight. Repeat the same every week & record. After a week or so of starting B17 therapy one may experience low blood pressure which may be dangerous for the patient. Therefore, daily monitoring of blood pressure is essential. Also, B17 therapy may initially swell the tumor up to 50%. Do not discontinue treatment unless the tumor swelling becomes dangerous due to location of tumor.

Note : The therapy may be modified time to time based on experience & further study. Therefore, visit periodically for updates.

For any clarification do not hesitate to contact at 9435017059 & report progress every week to If you get reasonable benefit out of this therapy, write in Newspaper about it so that others get, hope for survival and confidence on alternative therapies.

Remember that alternative therapies work better only if the patient is not administered with chemotherapy or radiation. However, even after administering chemotherapy it would not harm and rather do good to the patient.



25 thoughts on “Vitamin B17 Therapy

  1. Thank you for the article. What do you do for patients who cannot take orally at all due to cancer in the abdomen and has had chemotherapy four times?

  2. Thanks for your comment. Those who cannot take medicines orally for them intravenous treatments are available. However, it may be B17, Vitamin C or Sodium bicarbonate depending on type of cancer, location, patient condition & lot more. There are lot of considerations while selecting a protocol.

    • Thank you. My friend’s 78 yr old mother is no longer responsive to chemo. She is on total parenteral nutrition & blood transfusion for low haemoglobin most probably due to poor intake. She has started her on iv vit b17, iv vit c, iv glutathione. What should we look out for in terms of effects of tumour lysis, what blood investigation should we monitor?

      • Vit B17 & Vit C are independent therapies. One should not combine both together. IV vit C should not be applied without expert supervision. When B17 therapy is applied there are other supplements to be taken orally along with it. However, if the patient cannot digest due to cancer or due to effect of chemotherapy, liquid supplements may be taken which are absorbed by body easily. Also those who cannot digest, for them electro-medicine therapy also available. If the patient is located near to Bangalore, India she may be taken to ICAM Wellcare Clinic, Frazer Town, Next to Santosh Hospital, Near Coles Park, Bangalore for clinical treatments.

  3. “Vitamin B17 Protocol.(extremely effective in the most common tumors such as carcinoma of the lung, breast, prostate, colon, and lymphomas at stage-III.”
    Is this protocol effective for adenocarcinoma of stomach?

  4. Is this therapy effective in stage 3 DBCL Lymphoma. My father has had RCHOP and RICE chemo and radiation but the cancer keeps relapsing.
    If this therapy can be effective, generally in how much time you start seeing the effect.

    • B17 therapy is very effective in all type of lymphomas at any stage. Normally one starts getting results in a month or so. However, after application of chemo it may take more time. Also the success of the treatment depend greatly on patient’s physical & mental condition after orthodox treatment.

  5. Hello Sir,
    I am going to do this B17 therapy on my dad he has got glioblastoma stage 4. what do you suggest?
    kind regards

    • Be careful, B17 treatment initially swells the tumor which may be dangerous depending on location of the tumor. Also application of B17 reduces blood pressure in some patients. Monitor blood pressure every day of treatment & if it reduces abnormally( say below 90/50) stop B17 temporarily until BP rises. IV B17 for initial 21days is more effective.

    • You have options available for B17 therapy, Cellect-Budwig, Bill Henderson, MSM/LIPH, etc. Any one should work. Also use Kelmun therapy as supplementary protocol.

  6. 50 yrs age with ca lt alveolar involving maxilla as well as infratemporal fossa, chemo+radiation taken, after a year another ca at Rt Border of tongue, commando with RND done,,,tongue is clear , Histopath is WELL DIFFERETIATED SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA. do you advise B17 or somthing else?

    • Apply Bill Henderson for 4 weeks & see for result. If there is no improvement convert it to Cellect-Budwig Therapy. Alternatively may apply MSM/LIPH/Protandim protocol.

  7. Dear Dr. Goswami.

    How does one go about giving Vitamin B17 in India.

    The import procedures are so long that waiting for it, the patient is no more.

    Is it available in India and a hospital that give these intravenous injections.

    Pls. advice where and how to procure Vitamin B 17 vials manufactured by CPW Rahlstedt, Hamgerg, Germany.

    N. Mistry

    • I do not know any center in India keeping stock of B17. As the import takes time, that is why our NGO Po’ritran keeps stock of medicines at its office in Rajabari, Bokakhat importing from abroad for cancer home therapies. I do not know about quality of B17 from the vendor mentioned by you, but I purchase only from

  8. sir,
    my father was diagnosed with medium sized cells adenocarcinoma lung cancer stage 4.
    He is non smoker, non alcholic.
    left sided recurrent pleural effusion for 3 months.
    thoroscopy done.
    pet scan done. shows in lungs and lower abdomen.
    chemo had not started.

    what should we do?
    please reply asap. please.

  9. Please advise treatment for patient who have been operated for heart valve replacement about 20 years back and who have been diagnosed now for hard lump in lower central quadrant of Rt breast, PET scan shows increased uptake in L4 body on the left with pre and paravertebral soft tissue component encasing Lt common iliac artery and vein. There are other multiple lesions in other parts. FNAC of Rt breast lump shows duct carcinoma. I want to start B17 treatment at the earliest. Thanks.

    • Apply IV B17 for first 20 days & then oral as per the protocol. Also should take Budwig Diet twice a day as supplementary treatment.

  10. Thanks for your reply. I would like to talk to you. Unable to talk to you on the number given on the web site. I would like to have the guidance of a qualified person knowing this treatment when I start the treatment. Can you give me his contact details or can you help in this regard. Can you elaborate the treatment you have suggested in your reply of 1st December. What is Budwig die ? Thanks.

  11. Budwig Diet is a mixture of low fat cottage cheese & Flaxseed oil. Details of both the protocols ( B17 & Budwig Diet) are there in my website.

    • B17 therapy is effective for any stage -III cancer, however, for first 20 days B17 should be applied at high dose through IV.

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